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nukitchens-outdoor-logoNukitchens who has been mastering kitchens inside the home is taking their 25-year experience to the great outdoors. This Spring, the company introduces a wide range of outdoor kitchens from renowned outdoor lifestyle brand, Brown Jordan, among others. America’s love affair with outdoor living has never been stronger…and, homeowners are even adding value to their homes with these outside rooms. “It was obvious to us that the great outdoors has become another room for family and friends. The trend is strong and it only seemed natural to address the growing need for beautifully organized outside kitchens” says Nukitchens’ CEO Joseph Najmy. He goes on to say “we are kitchen specialists, that’s all we do.”

With the launch of the company’s Outdoor Division, Nukitchens I Outdoor, people can choose from a range of outdoor cooking areas, specialized cooking appliances, stainless steel cabinetry construction, and storage areas. There is a vast array of designer colors and styles to choose from. See Nukitchens’ outdoor kitchens now on display in their showroom at 132 Water Street, South Norwalk, CT.